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Monday, 30 January 2012

Australia Day Fun

It was 42 degrees on Australia Day and so I thought there was no better way of spending it than painting in air conditioned comfort. I must have been influenced by the Chinese New Year as I painted 4 small canvases, three of which were cherry blossom themed and one with golden yellow weeping trees.
Cherry Blossom Muse is one of my favourites and the blossom trees were a combination of day and night perspectives. I had alot of fun with using objects and sponges as well as my fingers and paint brushes to create these 4 paintings.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tree Spirit woman painting

I went for a ride down near the Lake and as I was riding I caught glimpses of a peacock feather cape hanging down from a tree. I came home and painted Tree Spirit Woman.


While I was painting Mountain Moon Rising, I started off in a very different direction than where I ended up. It is so enjoyable when a painting takes me on it's own journey and leaves me rested, rejuvenated and with a quiet, happy feeling inside. I sometimes start off with a low level anxiety inside and some anxiousness about what I will create. As the process progresses there is a release that happens and I go into a more intuitive and relaxed place where the painting happens and I just go on the journey. So much more enjoyable than I first anticipate, that I am always mildly suprised.

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