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Saturday, 21 April 2012

A little nonsense poem which just had to come out!! 

Lime green Lush Devines

Shining furls of Lush Devine, rubbing up and down my spine
sqiggles dancing through the maze and hopping grandly, smiles ablaze
One who enters here will find jumping doodles, skipping chimes,squelchy layers of bubble slime - green and gorgeous, soft and lime, pulsing globules, all in time. Add a little rose vermouth and watch it spread and grow from Truth, dancing bluebells singing songs, tiny fluff birds in their throngs.
Now a little word of warning - once ingested, burps start forming, big and gaseous, fragrant too and when they burst out from your mouth, they'll make you laugh and turn to goo!

Have a great day Shona <3 <3 

Friday, 20 April 2012

The paintings Connection and Listen to My Heart Song are two of my latest works. Sometimes we feel disconnected from each other and ourselves and I find in my own experience that it just takes one little thing to reconnect us to ourselves and each other - one moment in time and everything can be and is being transformed. Listen to my heart song was a canvas that had many layers and was alot of fun to start with. At some point I came to a standstill and so I put it aside for a time and came back to it recently and it just came together really quickly. Again, it's two people and this time I felt to write words on the canvas too.

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