Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Well it's October already and it's hard to believe I haven't blogged since June.
I was a bit sidetracked supporting my daughter in her move to Italy and also our son, through a stressful time completing his Year 12 Independent Research Project. I also took on the task of producing the Class 12 Yearbook. All in all a very busy few months.

I have only painted sporadically and in moments of desperation for some respite. I took myself off to a nearby lake and was exceedingly happy when a black swan came and stood in front of me and leisurely cleaned it's feathers while I quickly sketched it.

Life brings moments of tranquility and I found a day to myself, painting, was enough to recharge the old batteries  and give me renewed energy to keep going.

After completing a 'Clear day ' recently, whereby I enjoyed 3 Network spinal entrainments and two breathwork sessions, I was feeling particularly relaxed and in tune with the world.
I woke up at 2.30 am and although I tried to get back to sleep, I couldn't. Eventually I got up and painted an abstract, swirling piece which I am very happy with. The silence of those early hours, when everyone in the house is asleep and I can lose myself in the process has to be some of the most satisfying and peaceful times I experience. I painted this while listening to Alleluia by Robert Glass ( on repeat) ha ha ha .
Prior to this busy period, I had painted a young girl I know and also completed another abstract. All of these are posted today.

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