Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cherish is a painting that I recently finished. I challenged myself to paint with only a variety of browns and one cream. Before hand, I had walked around my neighbourhood and taken photo's of lots of objects with brown in them and then came home and mixed different shades of brown. I added Gold at the end also, Just can't help myself. The word Cherish just came into my mind and seemed a bit odd but I painted it anyway - I didn't really like the browns while I was painting - I tend to veer away from mud colours.   I realised from my walk that all the brown things I photographed were quite beautiful and somewhere in the middle of this little exercise,  my perception of brown started to change - This is not one of my favourite paintings but it was a really interesting process and I did become quite fond of one of the darker shades of brown by the end of it : ))

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