Thursday, 19 July 2012

Devine has just gone up on my FB business page with the other finished paintings I have for sale. It was simply a daisy chain of hearts on canvas with a few of my favourite colours - blues, turquoise and red and gold. I left it on the easel for some weeks as it didn't feel finished. There was a place in the centre that kept calling to me but I just couldn't quite hear it - like this elusive sound just at the periphery of my awareness. Last week a friend came over for a couple of hours so we could paint together and listening to some music and working on another canvas - I suddenly got the impulse to work on this one again. The woman's face then materialised really quickly on the canvas and I added some other details and changed a few colours. Still she wasn't finished. Then on a trip with my husband to a warehouse he had to go to for his work, I was introduced to Hydrocryl, artists acrylic paints, in these little glass tubs. The guy said they had ordered them in, in quantities, to sell to big companies and the orders fell through after the first one. They had lots of paints and some were drying up because their shelf life was coming to an end. He sold 3 good ones to me - the most saturated colours I have seen in acrylics. I was in love - Ultra violet, Pthalo green and Alizarin were my three choices. My husband raided their wheelie bin for the ones that had been thrown out already and I have been through them and added water to see if it revives any. They are called Interference or translucent colours, which I don't use as much. Anyway, I digress. I carried my bootie home - excited and eager to try them on canvas. When I walked in to the room I paint in, the woman on the canvas said " Yes, I want those colours on me". A week later and I still have the purple under my finger nails . The colours are so deep and rich and I love them even if they are really difficult to clean off skin, never mind nails - a small price to pay for how absolutely divine they are - There we have the name for the painting - but I changed the i to an e, so it is more like a name for her : )) Deeeeeevine : ))

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