Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hello People,

Welcome to 2015. Goodness, I just realised it has been nearly a year since I posted anything to this Blog page. I'm being gentle with myself tho', as this has been an extraordinarily busy year.  

Let 2015 be a year of coming together, focussing intent and energy on the gifts we each bring to the world and sharing those in a supportive and fun way!!

Last year, we bought and had a Granny Flat craned into our backyard ( requiring planning and building permission and site prep, quotes, owner/ builder lic and many other hours of organising tradesman, cleaning and fixing as the two halves came back together. Then our daughter and partner had a baby!! Yes we are grandparents of a beautiful baby boy. I am completely smitten ! In that same month, I was involved in a group art exhibition and then took a couple of months away from painting and seeing clients to support our daughter and finish the last module of a Clinical 

Aromatherapy qualification in Melbourne. Phew!!w
Once I was back home and I implemented a few changes in my work/painting pattern and have been putting energy into building my website again and redesigning the way I do things.
Its been great to be seeing new clients and old with this new understanding, skills and self awareness. Broadening my horizons and service to others thru my artwork and these beautiful essential oils.

Doing my own personal work thru all of this has helped immensely and is not to be undervalued for the stress reducing and insightful re-evaluations that it brings.

What new and creative journeys will 2015 take us all on ??!! I'm looking forward to sharing them with you <3

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