Monday, 21 March 2011



 This is my first intro to Blogging . This Blog will preview art I am exploring and creating and be a place I can post songs and poetry and travel updates. I am visiting Ubud in Bali, for the first time, on the 18th April and attending a 6 day art workshop with Dawn Meader ( wonderful woman artist ).
I first became interested in Mandala's and Mandala art about 20 years ago when I lived in Denmark, in the south of WA. I remember doing some Mandala art and feeling very intimidated by my lack of artistic ability ( based on what I perceived art and artists to be). I dabbled a bit and then left it alone. A few years later I created a Mandala as part of a womans circle I was attending. I don't think I had the awareness then to notice how happy I feel when I am working on mandala's. I framed that piece in an old clock face and it is still hanging on our lounge room wall. A few years later I purchased a lovely book on mandala by Bailey Cunningham called Mandala Journey to the Centre and this title was the inspiration for my Blog name. I was also gifted two Mandala colouring in books which I would sit and colour from time to time.
Throughout the following years I  experimented with Mandala in sand art, mosaic and several other mediums. It was always present and yet somehow in the background and never fully acknowledged as the central element of life that it is. Present in all creation. So, now I am finally acknowledging it and placing it at the centre of my daily life and exploration into art. I derive an immense amount of pleasure and an upsurging of joy in my being when I notice mandala's myriad forms in nature and then translate that into art pieces which are so much fun to create.

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