Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mandala Musing

I finished  a mandala I have been working on all week and I am noticing how the act of creating it with placement and colour choice and the actual painting is affecting how I perceive my outer world. I seem to be seeing colour and design in nature in a new way. I'm assuming that all artists have been experiencing this through all time and that maybe as children we experience something like this. I am rediscovering parts of myself and awakening awareness of my world, even to the point of noticing mandala's on my skin, in my breakfast or looking into someones elses eyes. It's a bit like when I liked a particular car design a few years ago and then I started seeing those sort of cars everywhere I looked. Prior to that I had not noticed them at all. I love that mandala's are everywhere and in everything, in every atom. Beauty appears even in something I perceive as ugly. How funny is that?

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