Sunday, 5 January 2014

Video showing the first few layers on 3 different canvases

This is a very short and simple video made up of photographs taken every 10 seconds as I worked on 3 different canvases. As I'm new to the video making process, this is less creative than I would have liked, however, it is part of a learning curve and we all need to start somewhere. I believe it's better to just do something, anything, as it can take some or all of the fear out of a process that we may be putting off because we are either techno challenged or imagine other obstacles that need to be overcome. There are various websites out there that offer free video making tools ) this was an easy beginners site) and some that you can pay for with more advanced tools. Having stepped thru this process, I am now inspired to be more adventurous and am about to collaborate with a young woman who likes to create music and video's in a similar way to how I like to paint - intuitive, spontaneous, letting go of outcomes, exploring an evolving process etc - you get the picture :) I'm excited about the possibilities and opening up in a whole new way creatively. Stay tuned to this space!!

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